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About Us

The Story of Mint Condition

Steven and Leanne King are from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Steven worked in a paper mill for 17 years. His father, grandfather and uncles all worked in the mill, and although it was a decent paying job, he never enjoyed it. He has always been a “fitness enthusiast,” keeping himself in great shape, while helping many friends and family with their health and fitness goals over the years. With uncertainty in the mill and the loss of his parents, sparked ideas of moving to a warmer climate and making a major career change!

We moved to Scottsdale in February of 2002. Our goal, and Steven’s dream, was to have our own gym and run our own business. Steven started as a personal trainer at several large health clubs and Leanne started her massage therapy practice in a small wellness center in Old Town Scottsdale. After a few years of building our clientele, we were encouraged to looked into the real estate in North Scottsdale since most of our clients seemed to reside there. We wanted to create a more personal place for people to come to improve their lifestyle, not just another gym, and no high pressure sales! And so, Mint Condition is the name of our business. We purchased a brand new office condo, and had to build it out according to our needs. We built in 2004 and opened in January of 2005.  We've expanded 3 times to what it is today.

Mint Condition is a Personal Training Studio offering Massage Therapy and other Wellness Services all under one roof. The studio is over 7,000 square feet. On the first floor, there are 5 treatment rooms, 2 comfortable waiting areas, men’s and women’s restroom and shower facilities along with our 2 fitness studios. The second level, or loft, has another waiting area, spa area including tanning and far infrared sauna, restrooms, shower room, 2 more treatment rooms, a hair salon and a multi-purpose/class/yoga/Pilates room.

We have a fantastic group of people at Mint Condition, renting space and running their own independent businesses including Sports Chiropractic, Pilates, Acupuncture, Hair, Massage Therapy, Personal Training and Aesthetics. Everyone has the same goal in mind: help people achieve optimal health and wellness in the best way possible with their expertise. We believe in finding what works best for each client, so we have a variety of specialties in multiple areas of health and wellness all in one place!

We’ve been told Mint Condition still looks and feels brand new – we take great care of things – keeping not only our clients in Mint Condition! We are known as North Scottsdale's Premiere Fitness Studio, and provide excellent service to those seeking a private facility like ours. That environment is important to us and sets us above the rest! We enjoy maintaining an intimate setting for our clients and take pride in being a private, elite training studio! 


Are you ready to get into Mint Condition?

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