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Weight Loss




Losing weight can be challenging, frustrating and emotionally draining. Many would even go so far as to say, “I just can’t do it.” We strive to envision ourselves lighter but have difficulty truly mastering the skills and tools necessary to be successful. Mint Condition Studio creates custom weight loss programs built for you.

Our programs are specifically designed to help you burn fat, gain muscle, and get healthy once and for all! Don't waste another minute of your time on weight loss gimmicks and poor diet plans that don't work! Get your guidance from experienced personal trainers who know what's best for you and truly care about your success. 



Your diet is at least half the battle in terms of getting the results you want. Think of it this way - it’s a lot easier to consume 1000 calories (in one quick meal) than it is to burn 1000 calories (approximately 90 minutes of exercise). We will spend dedicated time reviewing nutrition and exercise logs, discussing strategies for overcoming emotional eating, negative thinking and poor body image and monitoring progress.


Is your relationship with food, the way you view yourself and the lifestyle live ideall for you? Have you stood in front of a mirror lately, naked, and admired the way you look?  90% of losing weight comes from outside the gym!  You will do everything right when you walk in our's what you do when you leave that makes all the difference!  We want to arm you with the tools and trick to make healthy lifestyle changes in a way that will stick with you forever!  A nutrition coach can provide you with the support, education and accountability to completely revamp your eating habits and lifestyle. Transform your Body and Change your Life forever!

We can help you: 

     -Look and feel your best and Live the life that you want!

     -Get the results you want with foods you like to eat!

     -Find out which foods can help you achieve success and those that are sabotaging your efforts!


     -Achieve weight loss results by creating the right environment for change to occur.


     -Follow a nutrition plan that will not only transform your body, but change your life!

     -Get energy you need and boost your metabolism by following a correct meal timing plan.

     -Get your health back. 

Health Benefits of Nutrition & Exercise



Strong Bones

Ward Off Diseases

    -Cardiovascular Disease

    -High Blood Pressure

     -Lowers Cholesterol

     -Type 2 Diabetes

Minimize Stress

Age With Grace

Reduce Depression and Anxiety

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