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Mint Condition is a private studio located in Scottsdale, Arizona offering personal training, massage therapy and other wellness services. Our studio is over 7,000 square feet, a combined use of fitness space, spa amenities, treatment rooms and offices. With over 30 years combined experience in the health and wellness industry, Steven and Leanne King offer their knowledge and expertise to help others achieve optimal health and improve overall well-being. "We want to hep YOU get in Mint Condition!"


Since opening in 2005, Mint Condition is a place where people who are serious about health and fitness can come and focus on improving their lifestyle. We are a private facility where we customize what you may need.  We have created a very personal place where people feel comfortable and always feel welcome.  No high 

pressure sales.  Our genuine attitude to help any individual that wants to help themselves is what sets us apart from any other gym or studio. We have multiple health professionals within our facility to help you achieve your goals or simply relax! What do you need help with?

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