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Personal Training

What is Personal Training?​​


Have you ever been curious about personal training? Whether, your goal is general fitness, rehabilitation, or simply to look better and be stronger, Mint Condition Studio customizes programs that are cost effective and  based on your personal needs and wants.Your workouts are not to fit into a "one workout fits all program" but rather, we design your workout to YOUR personal needs and goals plus, they are designed to be both fun and effective. Using the most innovative training techniques, we are well prepared to assist you with any fitness need. We will help you build strength, posture and stability, enabling you to overcome the physical demands of everyday life.

Personal Training sessions at Mint Condition Studio are conducted by certified trainers, so each workout is tailored to the client’s specific needs. Whether you are a sedentary office worker or a seasoned tri-athlete, Personal Training can improve your body’s function and performance.

·         Fitness Assessment

·         Customized Exercise Programs

·         Core Stabilization

·         Functional Training

·         Injury Prevention/Post Rehabilitation

·         Sport Specific

·         Pre/Post Natal

·         Weight Loss

·         General Fitness

·         Programs for Seniors


 10 Reasons to hire a Personal Trainer:


1.      You don't know where to start.

2.      You're not seeing results even though you've been working out for months.

3.      You're bored with the same old workouts.

4.      You like to be challenged.

5.      You need accountability and motivation.

6.      You have a specific illness, injury, or condition.

7.      You're training for a sport or event.

8.      You just can't do it on your own.

9.      You want supervision and support during your workouts

10.   You found this amazing trainer who has a way of being so sweet or nice and so "kick-butt" at the same time!

Personal Training Services

10 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer


Introductory Session ​​

We want to meet you! We will get to know one another and talk about you and your needs, restrictions and health history.  This is more of a consultation/orientation to find out how we can best serve you!  In this introductory session we will also give you a tour of our facility and walk through a sample workout that might give you an idea of what kinds of exercises may apply to your needs and goals.  We want to make sure you are confident that we are a good fit for you!​​

            Complimentary (Free of charge)

Private Sessions

One-on-one training with a Personal Training instructor. ​​

                      1 session   - $50-$60 per hour​ depending on schedule, and amount of sessions per week or month


 Partner Sessions ​​

Two people working with a Personal Training instructor to fit each persons needs within one session. ​​

​ Workout with a friend and save money!​    Please ask your t for current rates



Body Composition Analysis

The Body Composition Analysis will be measured by utilizing a Tanita Bioelectrical Impedance Scale. This test will require height and weight measures and will require you to stand on a scale for approximately 5 seconds. You will receive a small print-out of the results along with an information sheet explaining the results.

Complimentary 1st Analysis and Consultation

Subsequent - Follow-up Tests - $10 per session

Make An Appointment

By Phone​

​To schedule an appointment please call (480) 231-9197. If you reach the Voice Mail, please leave a message.​


By E-mail​

If you want to get started today on a path to better health and feeling great, please download fill out our Personal Training Client Questionnaire and e-mail it back to us at

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